“A light Mt Cedar is worse than a bad anything else,” says local allergist

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If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, it may be because of mountain cedar. Friday’s count is extremely heavy at 17,770.

“So he would always scratch his eyes – he would scratch them so much he would start getting cuts around his eyes,” said Veronica Reyes, mother of allergy sufferer.

According to allergy specialist, Dr John Dice of South Texas Allergy & Asthma Medical Professionals, STAAMP, we are in the peak of mountain cedar season.

“It usually explodes around the last week of December, the first week of January,” said Dr. John Dice, STAAMP Allergist.

Mountain cedar trees thrive on these dry, sunny days and they’re producing billions of grains of pollen each day.

“Compared to other pollens, most pollen never even make a thousand, so mountain cedar is in its own category and even a light mt cedar is worse than a bad anything else,” said Dr. Dice.

Max Reyes is highly allergic to mountain cedar and his family would go to all extreme measures to make sure his symptoms get better.

“At my jualita’ s house they literally had to put really big ice pack and wear towels on my eyes so I can just see, but it was actually pitch darkness because it was on top (of my eyes),” said Max Reyes, Mt Cedar sufferer.

The next cold front is Monday .. so we can expect the counts to be in the tens of thousands again early next week. Mountain cedar season usually tapers off around February 10th.

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