Adolescent Asthma Study

Ages Eligible for Study: Ages 12-21
Sexes Eligible for Study: All
  The VECTOR Study is a clinical research study for those with moderate to severe asthma, looking at flu vaccination alongside treatment with an investigational asthma drug. Approximately 100 participants are expected to take part in the USA. To qualify for the VECTOR Study, you must:
  • be aged 12-21 years
  • have experienced moderate to severe asthma for at least one year
  • be eligible for the seasonal flu vaccine.
There are other criteria that you will need to meet to qualify, which the study team will discuss with you. For further information about the VECTOR Study, contact our study team  by emailing or calling 210-851-8560 Apply Now:  

100 doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine administered to SAISD faculty, staff members

STAAMP Allergy administered the vaccines Tuesday morning

This story was originally published by KSAT12 and can be found here.  

100 SAISD employees vaccinated against COVID-19, kicking off local effort to immunize school staff

District leaders said they hope to have employees vaccinated by the end of May.

This story was originally published by Kens5 and can be found here.
SAN ANTONIO — More than 4.5 million Texans have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, and due to a recent announcement by the Biden administration, teachers and other school staff are now eligible to be immunized.
Those efforts are underway this week, as San Antonio ISD partnered with South Texas Allergy and Asthma Professionals (STAAMP) to vaccinate 100 employees on Tuesday.
Michael Rodriguez in an electrician with the district and was one of the dozens who received a prick in his arm.
“It’s very important so that I don’t get sick and I don’t infect others,” Rodriguez said.
Rodriguez said his days consist of traveling to different campuses and coming in contact with many different people.
“We’re around kids, teachers, and we just want to make sure everyone is safe and healthy,” he said.
The vaccines made up the first shipment of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that STAAMP has received.
“We're happy to be able to have that service for them to help protect our some of our true first line heroes that are out there,” said Erika Gonzalez, CEO and president of STAAMP.
Gonzalez said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine – which consists of just one dose, unlike the Pfizer and Moderna options – has a 100% protection rate from death, according to studies.
“That’s really what the point is here, to save lives,” Gonzalez said. “The Johnson & Johnson (vaccine) is just as good as the other two vaccines. So, to the teachers out there – not just from the SAISD district, but from everywhere – we are thankful for you guys being out there, putting your lives on the line.”
SAISD Superintendent Pedro Martinez said the district has around 40% of students receiving in-classroom instruction.
“We know that we need more,” said Martinez. “We have many children that are remote right now, that are struggling, and parents are worried. So is our staff.”
The district partnered with Community Labs a few months ago to administer rapid COVID-19 testing to students and staff.
“We're one of the few districts in the country that offers that to our students and our staff, and that really reduces the anxiety," Martinez said. "What scares them the most is the unknown."
Martinez said the partnership with STAAMP marks the beginning of the effort to get local teachers, school staff and child care workers vaccinated.
He said around 25% of district staff has already received their vaccine.
The 100 employees who received the vaccine on Tuesday work at high schools, because many are still working doing extra-curricular activities and other events.
They also selected support and maintenance staff like Rodriguez who are continuing duties through Spring Break.
“We're going to be planning with STAAMP and other partners to try to get all of our staff done,” said Martinez.  “My hope is that we get them done by no later than mid-May.”
As for Rodriguez, he hopes his colleagues will get their vaccine when it’s available to them.
“It’s better to be safe than sorry, and we’ve already seen what sorry means,” he said.  “(There's) so many that we’ve lost already.”

SAISD realiza la vacunación contra el coronavirus de maestros y personal escolar

This story was originally published by Univision - KWEX 41 and can be found here. Cien maestros y empleados del distrito recibieron este martes la vacuna contra el coronavirus de la empresa Johnson & Johnson. Estas personas fueron seleccionadas ya que trabajarán durante el periodo de ‘spring break’.

San Antonio clinic seeks approval for remdesivir to be used outside of hospital

Study could help provide vital information to researchers as they develop COVID-19 treatment

This story was originally published by KSAT12 and can be found here

San Antonio Report board welcomes new chairman in new year This story was originally published by San Antonio Report and can be found here
The turning of the calendar brought a turn in leadership to the San Antonio Report’s board of directors. A.J. Rodriguez ascended to board chairman late last month, after John “Chico” Newman Jr. stepped down from that position and the board after more than five years. The changes went into effect at the board’s Jan. 25 meeting. Rodriguez joined the board in 2020, after briefly serving on the San Antonio Report’s Board of Community Advisors. Founding Vice Chair Newman, who served as chairman for a year, decided to retire from the board because he believes the organization needs a fresh set of eyes. Newman served on the board since its inception, when the San Antonio Report, founded in 2012, reorganized as a nonprofit in 2016. The change in board leadership comes three months after the board named Angie Mock publisher and CEO of the nonprofit news organization, replacing co-founder Robert Rivard, who continues to serve as editor and lead columnist. Mock previously served as CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio and had been a member of the San Antonio Report’s board since 2018. “We are deeply grateful for Chico’s vision, dedication, and passion that led us from a blog to a thriving nonprofit news organization,” Mock said. “Equally, I’m excited about what the future holds with A.J.’s leadership. A.J. brings a wealth of nonprofit success and strategic vision to the San Antonio Report.” Rodriguez joined the nonprofit Texas 2036 in September 2020 as the executive vice president. Texas 2036 is a nonpartisan organization that provides research-based solutions to make Texas a better place for all residents by the state’s bicentennial. Before that, he served as vice president of external affairs and on the executive leadership team of Zachry Group, a privately held construction and engineering business. Rodriguez also served as the deputy city manager for the City of San Antonio from 2008 to 2011. This experience makes Rodriguez the best fit to lead the board of directors as the San Antonio Report continues to evolve, Newman said. “He is the right person at the right time,” Newman said. “You really can’t be any better than the leadership of an organization. With the combination of Angie and A.J., the San Antonio Report has outstanding leadership.” A longtime fan of the San Antonio Report, Rodriguez said he joined the Board of Community Advisors and then the board of directors because he truly believes in the organization’s mission. “I’ve felt compelled to participate in any way I could to support the mission of the organization,” he said. Retired SBC Southwestern Bell President Wayne Alexander is the vice chair and treasurer of the board, while San Antonio Report founder and Editor Rivard serves as secretary. Other board directors include Teach for America Chief People Officer Laura Saldivar Luna, attorney Brian Steward, former Rackspace Community Affairs Director Cara Nichols, and Dr. Erika Gonzalez, CEO, president, and co-founder of South Texas Allergy and Asthma Professionals. Kate Rogers, a longtime H-E-B executive and the former vice president of community outreach and engagement for the Charles Butt Foundation, rounds out the eight-member board. As the new board chairman, Rodriguez said he wants to serve as a resource for the organization, to help grow and develop the San Antonio Report at “an increasingly rapid rate,” and to maintain the high standards of journalism it upholds. He also said he is excited to work with Mock as she carries the organization forward under her leadership. “There’s nowhere to go but up,” Rodriguez said. Looking back over the past five years, Newman said he could not agree more. If someone had told him five years ago that the San Antonio Report would be where it is today, he would have said that was “aspirational.” “For a small group, we punch way above our weight,” he said. Newman has watched the organization evolve from just a handful of people to a staff of 20, from a small startup to a professional organization. He said the shifts in leadership are part of the same evolution for the San Antonio Report and will help further its mission to build a more informed community. “We should constantly be learning, evolving, and getting better – and we have,” he said. “The organization has come a long way in five and a half years.”
San Antonio Report Staff


This article was assembled by various members of the San Antonio Report staff. 

Remdesevir Study

Ages Eligible for Study: Child, Adult, Older Adult
Sexes Eligible for Study: All
  STAAMP Research will begin an outpatient treatment opportunity trial offering Remdesevir, a prodrug, to patients who have tested positive for the novel COVID-19 disease. This trial is free to the patients that participate and helps provide vital information to researchers as they continue to develop a treatment for current and emerging strains of the virus. An earlier study of the Remdesevir drug has shown that patients that receive the medication recovered up to four days faster than those patients who had not. Treatment intervention in the earlier phase of COVID-19 in an outpatient setting may prevent disease progression leading to hospitalization that would benefit patients and could reduce the burden on the healthcare system.  

San Antonio ISD to stand up COVID-19 vaccine site at Alamo Stadium

This story was originally published by San Antonio Report and can be found here
San Antonio Independent School District Superintendent Pedro Martinez is not waiting for the go-ahead from state officials to offer SAISD staff the coronavirus vaccine. Martinez announced earlier this month that the school district planned to offer the vaccine to employees who qualify to receive it under state guidelines, such as people over age 65 and those with certain chronic medical conditions. San Antonio ISD has paired with South Texas Allergy & Asthma Medical Professionals (STAAMP) to offer the vaccine at Alamo Stadium, district spokeswoman Laura Short said Wednesday. Edgewood Independent School District announced Thursday that it has partnered with University Health System to provide COVID-19 vaccines to 100 teachers at the Wonderland Mall of the Americas on Tuesday, according to a press release. The teachers qualify to receive a vaccine under state guidelines. Superintendent Eduardo Hernández said in a statement that EISD has been striving to offer teachers the vaccines. “We deeply value our EISD teachers who have had to transition and adjust so frequently to new teaching methods during this pandemic,” he said. “I’m glad we can start with 100 and hope to bring more vaccines to our staff and community.” No firm date has been set for when SAISD will be able to offer COVID-19 vaccines, but the district is talking to several health care industry partners, including STAAMP, to coordinate staff vaccinations, Short said. STAAMP also is working with other area school districts to offer the vaccine. “We are working on a strategic plan to manage the rollout, including a registration process that allows prioritized SAISD employees to sign up and receive the time and date of their vaccine administration,” she said. “We will focus on providing the vaccinations on weekends.” The school district will start offering vaccines to all educators after the employees who qualify to receive the vaccine under state guidelines have been inoculated, Short said. During a virtual staff town hall Tuesday, Martinez said he expects the vaccine supply to “ramp up” in the coming weeks. He wants the school district to be prepared for when that happens. “We know that your work is essential, and you’ve done an amazing job of keeping our children safe, keeping our schools safe,” he said to staff members. “We owe it to you to do right by you and to keep you safe.” Martinez and other area superintendents have advocated for the state to add teachers and other school staff to its list of first-tier priority groups so they can receive the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. Many school boards have adopted resolutions calling for the same, including Northside, Judson, and Southwest ISDs’ school boards. Texas’ Expert Vaccine Allocation Panel identified who should receive the coronavirus vaccine first to protect the most vulnerable populations and vital resources, according to the Department of State Health Services website. The panel decided health care workers, frontline workers at greater risk of getting COVID-19 such as emergency medical service providers and others who transport patients to hospitals, adults 65 and older, and chronically ill people who are more likely to contract the disease and die from it should receive the first doses of the vaccine. The only school staff included in the first round of people to receive the vaccine were school nurses. They are listed alongside outpatient physicians and nurses, pharmacy staff, medical examiners, and morticians. Some SAISD school nurses have been vaccinated, Martinez said. DSHS expects the vaccine to be available in the spring to people who don’t fall into the established parameters, according to its website. A department spokeswoman said roughly 8 million Texans are eligible to receive the vaccine. The next group has not yet been determined by the expert panel. Disclosure: South Texas Allergy & Asthma Medical Professionals is a San Antonio Report business member. Dr. Erika Gonzalez, who practices at STAAMP, sits on the San Antonio Report board of directors.
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